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Nine Golden Bees Set

  • A whole hive's worth of these industrious little critters - sweet and golden like honey.Lots of deep golden glass - 10x5mm teardrops, 4mm rounds, 3x6mm discs, seed beads, Tierracast silver bee charms, and silver accents.

    Necklace: 20 in./50.8 cm. in length. Earrings: 3.14 in./8 cm.

  • $40.00

    Oak King

  • Nature spirit, fertility god - the Lord at Midsummer. A 40mm oak leaf pendant, with 6mm serpentine beads, matte green seed beads, and silver accents.

    Serpentine has an earthy healing energy that works to create an energetic shield around the body, as well as promote abundance and growth.

    23 in./58.5 cm. in length.

  • $40.00

    Pentacle of Earth

  • Deceptively simple but stubborn - this piece roots deep. 20mm pentacle charm with black tourmaline chips, matte brown and green seed beads, and silver accents.

    Black tourmaline is a deeply grounding stone as well as maybe the strongest protection a stone can offer. Good for detoxing the body and mind of the stresses of modern life.

    21 in./53.3 cm. in length.

  • $30.00

    Purple Skimmer

  • A species of rare dragonfly found in Florida. A delicate dragonfly pendant, 8/0 purple iris glass beads, iridescent lavender seed beads, and silver accents.

    20 in./50.8 cm. in length.

  • $30.00


  • A quirky "sort-of-kinda-maybe" statement necklace - Nazar beads, or evil-eye beads, are traditional Anatolian beads used to ward off evil. They are traditionally blue. A 30mm clear quartz donut, with 6mm blue quartz rounds, 4mm clear quartz rounds, clear and blue glass seed beads, and silver accents.

    Clear quartz is used here to draw in light and positive energy, and to bounce back negative energy sent the wearer's way. Blue quartz eases pain and worry, and promotes calm.

    Necklace: 20.5 in./52 cm. in length.

  • $35.00

    Root to Crown

  • A tree will not grow tall without deep roots - likewise, we cannot reach for the stars if we don't hold to the Earth.A 25mm pentacle pendant, 8mm and 4mm rainbow obsidian rounds, 6mm garnet rounds, and silver accents.

    Garnet is a stone of the root chakra, that grounds and protects, but also energizes and strengthens. Rainbow obsidian reveals hidden mysteries and opens blockages.

    Necklace: 21.25 in./54 cm. in length.

  • $40.00

    Roseate Skimmer

  • A species of draagonfly native to the Americas with a beautiful pink hue. 3x4mm pink teardrop beads, iridescent pink delica seed beads, and silver accents.

    Necklace: 20 in./50.8 cm. in length.

  • $30.00

    Seek The Sun

  • Something for those grey days where you still need a dose of sunlight. 8mm citrine rounds and rough-polished citrine chips with silver accents.

    Citrine is full of energy and joy, that strengthens willpower and lifts self-worth.

    Necklace: 21 in./53.3 cm. in length.

  • $40.00

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